Sustainable Packaging

可回收的. Replenishable. 有弹性的. 足智多谋. 负责任的.

当涉及到可持续性指标时,金属继续领先. 这种材料比任何其他包装基板更具有内在的责任感和生态友好性, making it a choice that brands, 投资者, consumers and environmental advocacy groups can feel good about.


Circular Economy Champion

Circular Economy is based on three principles:

  • Eliminate waste and pollution
  • Circulate products and materials
  • Regenerate nature

的 Circular Economy model eliminates the concept of waste, constantly cycling materials back through the value chain for re-use. 的 model requires less energy, preserves natural resources, reduces emissions, and can also produce long-term savings as less resources are used.

在各个方面,我们的主要材料——钢和铝——本质上都是圆形的. At their origin, they respectively represent more than 5% and 8% of the earth’s crust, ranking them among the most abundant resources in the world (source).

的se natural elements maintain their properties forever. 换句话说, once metal enters the material-to-material loop, where it gets recycled again and again, allowing the same beverage can to be re-used up to six times per year. 


支持ing stats:

  • 80% of all aluminum ever produced is still available for use today (source).
  • 一旦生产出来,金属在回收后就不需要降级到要求较低的用途. 金属从消费到重新出现在货架上需要60天的时间。source).
  • 在生产过程中产生的金属废料100%回收再用于生产(source).

我们正在发挥更积极的作用,引导材料成功地通过其闭环系统——一次又一次. 因为金属是一种无限的材料,没有回收和再生的限制, 它对未来使用的可用性几乎完全取决于它在一段时间内被捕获和重用的程度.

World Leader in Recycling Rates

随着未来材料的可用性对消费品品牌的成功至关重要, it is important for packaging to have an efficient, continuous lifespan. Aluminum and steel, by their very nature, 是否可以高效地回收利用,并可以反复使用,形成新的消费包装,而不会降低性能, 质量, 或安全. 回收金属还有助于减少地球资源的使用和随后生产中使用的温室气体排放水平.

消费者回收铝罐的速度是回收塑料瓶的两倍多. Today, 84% of steel packaging (source) and 76% of aluminum beverage cans are recycled in Europe (source). 美国.S. has achieved recycling rates of nearly 60% for aluminum (source) and nearly 74% for steel packaging (source).

然而, 消费者可能无法获得公共和私人的回收基础设施,而且往往不知道适当的回收措施,从而使金属无法充分发挥其回收功效的潜力, particularly in the U.S.

This is why, in 2020, 云顶集团糖果游戏 established our 二十by30 这是一项全公司范围的计划,旨在将我们的可持续发展绩效提升到一个新的水平. Through the introduction of our Optimum Circularity 支柱, 我们最近制定了新的全球回收目标,以帮助实现提高我们产品的回收含量和回收率的目标.

我们在世界各地建立了完善的金属包装回收基础设施,并教育我们的消费者关于金属的可持续质量,以及他们如何尽自己的一份力量,确保材料通过回收流, we can take an active role in encouraging high recycling rates.

支持ing stats:

  • 金属是世界上回收最多的云顶集团糖果游戏,全球平均回收率为69% (source)
  • Recycling an additional 71 million aluminum cans a year could provide:
    • 超过1美元.15 million in revenue for the U.S. recycling system 
    • 节省的能源可以为2800多万美国家庭提供一小时的电力。source)
  • 回收铝可节省90%以上制造新铝所需的能源(source)

我们还与我们的供应商和其他行业合作伙伴合作,以保持或提高全行业的回收含量平均值. 这包括资助材料回收设施的可捕获设备,以确保更多使用过的饮料罐成功地通过回收过程(链接到CMI MRF最新新闻)。.

Strong Fighter Against Food Waste

According to the United Nations 环境 Programme, one third of all the 食物 produced in the world each year — more than 1.3 billion metric tons — is wasted, representing 3.3 billion metric tons in annual carbon dioxide emissions. 事实上, if global 食物 waste were represented as a standalone country, 它将成为仅次于中国和美国的全球第三大温室气体排放国.S. (source).

因此,在处理食物浪费时,考虑包装是至关重要的. Packaging — and metal packaging, 金属尤其重要,原因有二:金属可以在克服粮食不安全方面发挥相当大的作用,同时宣传其固有的环境友好性.  

金属包装在减少食物浪费方面具有天然优势:罐头可以保存其内容物, help products achieve long shelf lives, 并能在整个供应链过程中更好地保护产品. Once the packaging process is complete, 只有金属罐头才能最有效地继续保存它所装的食物. Foods typically degrade through extended exposure to external influences like air or sunlight; however, 金属是唯一能完全防止光线和氧气渗入包装的容器材料, offering excellent barrier properties, and extending product life.

金属包装的另一个关键因素在于其自然的可持续性. In addition to the various ways cans can reduce 食物 waste, metal is infinitely recyclable without loss of properties, helps greenhouse gases it generates, 与新鲜或冷冻产品相比,在运输和储存方面节省了大量的能源.
支持ing stats:

  • 将农产品包装在金属罐中,而不是将其包装起来冷藏或冷冻,每年可节省超过10亿升的食品.* 
  • If the entire fruit and vegetable supply in the U.S. 是罐头, rather than packaged for refrigeration or freezing, an estimated 7 million metric tons of 食物 would be saved. That is equivalent to about 22 million metric tons of CO2.*

Unlike any other packaging substrate, Metal提供的基本优势将保持其在多个类别中作为选择包的地位, including beverage, 食物, and personal care. 金属的这些先天优势使其成为对抗食物浪费的理想武器. 

有关金属包装可持续性的更多信息,请访问我们的 2022 Sustainability Report.